Properly and responsibly store and protect a handgun with this desk-mounted firearm safety device from BAGKOOL. The trusty device keeps a firearm not only securely stored but also safely accessible.
The unit’s user-friendly design includes a programmable electronic keypad with rubber buttons, which ensure whisper-quiet operation.Simply punch in the code, and the fast-activation drop-down drawer provides instant single-handed entry. Forgot the code, Not to worry. Emergency Key is included.
Keep your handgun safe, secure and ready to use with this pistol safe box .This gun safe is made of steel, sturdy enough and prevent children or intruders to touch your pistol. It is an ideal choice for home or business to add extra security.

Notice:Before using the safe, please read the instructions carefully and follow the instructions. Use the factory-default code to open the unit,which is:press each button one time,from left to right-1,2,3,4.You shall find a key number in the user manual,please keep it.If you lost your keys,you would get replacement keys from us by providing this number.

Package Content:
1 X Handgun Safe Box
2 X Keys
1 X Install Accessory Set

Product Features

  • EASE OF USE:QUICK ACCESS to your gun safe and valuables, documents, and firearm(s) from the gun safe box. Get in quick when it matters most using the Digital keypad,Pass word & Emergency key.Convenient to close with high strength lock mechanism.Power Source: 4*AA Battery.
  • MULTIPURPOSE SAFE: Single gun safe box provides secure safety storage for handguns, weapons,ammunition, jewelry and more other valuable items at home, on a nightstand, in the car or when traveling, especially good for keeping small firearms away from kids&intruder theft!
  • DURABLE, PRY-RESISTANT & SCRATCH PROTECTION: This gun safe is made of steel, sturdy enough and prevent children or intruders to touch your pistol. It is an ideal choice for home or business to add extra security.
  • INTERIOR COURTESY LIGHT :LED LIGHTING in low light situations so you can locate your pistol safe with the backlit keypad and easily view your safe contents with interior LED light.It can glow either green or red.Depending upon the function being utilized.
  • TSA APPROVED: Easy to carry this gun safe box on the plane and pass TSA screen.There are no restrictions on carrying this type of items.Please be aware that you may be asked to open the gun safe box rather than passing it through x-ray and that we recommend that an enrolled user be present during transporting this item in case such as request is made by a govermment authority.

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3 Comments on Gun Safe,Handgun Safe Box Mounted Firearm Safety Device Pistol Gun Safe Box with Digital Code & 2 Emergency Key

  1. Solid little quick access safe Got this safe as it was considerably less expensive than the competitors. Solid build quality with multiple mounting positions. opted for the side mount against the wall. You can access it with both key and code. In case the battery dies and you lose your key, there is another battery box that comes with it so you can provide external power and unlock it. There is an in built light and a mute button to be more discreet when unlocking it. also, multiple screws hold the safe to the bracket so it…

  2. I see many pros and zero cons, great gun safe. This is a great gun safe for the home office. It has side or top mount. I chose the top mount. The instructions are detailed, if you follow step by step, the installation is easy. I like that the safe is attached to the wall or the table and some one can’t just take it and carry it away. Access is possible by key or code. If the batteries run out, the safe has an external battery pack, this is a brilliant solution. A useful feature is mute so as not to attract attention. The safe looks strong…

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