Product Features

  • 12″ Closet Valet Rod
  • 32mm hole pattern
  • Packed with euro and sheet metal screws
  • 12″ deep X 1-3/4″
  • Extends 9″

Detailed information available on our homepage…

3 Comments on Hamilton Bowes 12″ Valet Rod Standard for Closet Satin Nickel SN Metal

  1. Way Too Difficult to Extend The valet looks like the more expensive ones that came with my custom closet install, but they all work well, meaning you can easily slide the poll in and out of the housing when you want to extend or retract it. This one is almost impossible to extend and I’m always afraid I’m going to pull it out of the closet system wall trying to do so. Obviously, I don’t want to try to oil it in any way, since its purpose is for hanging clothes and I wouldn’t want oil dripping on any of my clothes. My…

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