Clothing storage Made easy. This metal garment rack with wood shelf provides a convenient closet solution for small spaces. The built-in wood shelf at the Bottom is great for storing shoes or folded clothes, while the two foot wide closet rack gives you plenty of space to hang your clothes. Available in white frame with light brown wood or black frame with dark brown wood, you can mix and match the garment Racks to create customizable closet organization to suit your needs. Assembly required. Weight capacity: 22 pounds hanger rod and Bottom board. Compliant with CARB regulation 93120 – Phase 2.

Product Features

  • Convenient clothing rack provides an easy solution to clothing storage in small spaces
  • Wooden shelf on bottom of the clothes rack for storing shoes, accessories, and more
  • Angled frame keeps clothes from hitting the wall, and provides a Sturdy base so rack will not fall over
  • Easy to assemble garment rack with included parts (screwdriver required). compliant with CARB regulation 93120 – Phase 2
  • Dimensions: 25. 19″L x 15. 75″W x 59. 00″H
  • Weight tolerance: 22 lbs. Hanger rod and bottom board

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3 Comments on IRIS Metal Garment Rack with Wood Shelf, Black and Dark Brown

  1. Great look, cheap material. Really beautiful, minimalist look for displaying my favorite pieces. I agree with others saying it’s a cheap build and not super stable on carpet (like in my bedroom). It’s fine because I only keep a few articles of clothing on it.The wood board is a cheap particle board so you have to be careful not to screw into them too hard when putting it together or else it’ll just ruin the thread completely. It doesn’t matter much for the one-shelf version, but on the ones with multiple…

  2. Great garment rack for plants! I bought this rack for a somewhat unconventional use; I am using it to hang tropical pitcher plants from. I’m very happy with it! It was not too hard to put together (it is a bit heavy) and looks really nice in my plant room for the low price. As a bonus, it is even holding up quite well to twice daily mistings, with no rust or warping of that wood at the bottom – I realize that isn’t an approved use anyway and it might deteriorate over time but am glad it’s doing well for now. Overall, great…

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