As we all know, LED beads are Super BRIGHT and DAZZLING if you watch them without sunglasses. That’s why today’s indoor lighting is illuminated by a big LIGHT GUIDE PANEL to increase luminous superficial area, and Covered with Diffusion Panel to make the light more uniform.
Instead of exposed the LED beads directly to air, we also hide them inside of the flank and let them glow through Light Guide Panel. It’s a great solution in nowadays that enhances brightness without dazzling eyes.

Why Choose this LED light?

1, Light guide panel lighting. Bright but Not glare.
2, Ultra-slim designed.It might be the thinnest one on the market
3, Aluminum Alloy case. High heat dissipation performance.
4, Longer work time. Keep lighting for over 6 Hours.
5, Super easy to install. For metal surface, it can be attached directly, For other surfaces, use 3M adhesive tape to attach the metal sheet first and then attached the light to the metal sheet.
6, Appropriate number of led beads: 54 LEDs.
Efficient as 54 LEDs but bright as 108 LEDs. As we test,For less frequent uses, like in wardrobe, It should hold one month for a charge. If you attach it on fridge or under kitchen cabinet or some high traffic area, It should hold about one week for a charge.

❤TWO years WARRANTY To Cover Any hardware Issues. First Class best support for all customers. All emails would be replied in 24 hours, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Product Features

  • 🏃MOTION SENSOR + LIGHT SENSOR: Ultra slim body With both built-in Motion sensor and light sensor, This LED light also Fits well in wardrobe, under sink, Storage room, kids closet, laundry area, shed, garage, or anywhere dark. Built-in magnet and comes with a metallic stripe and 3M adhesive tapes, Makes it super easy to stick on Anywhere.
  • ✹SUPER BRIGHT: 54 led beads + Fluorescent Reflector + LIGHT GUIDE PANEL = 260 lumens. More leds consume more power and generate more heat. 54 is a perfect balance. Our Built-in 54 efficient led beads provide up to 170 lumens, which already leading the industry, But with a special REFLECTOR under the bottom work together(like a mirror), This light is comparable to an 108 leds light on the market.
  • 👍Super bright but 👓NOT GLARE: These super LED beads are HIDDEN inside of the flank and glow vertically to a built-in LIGHT GUIDE PANEL, rather than being exposed directly to the air, To AVOID DIRECT EYE CONTACT. And a special layer of diffusion panel is covered to provide More uniform luminescence. So. Brighter than other LED lights, but won’t hurt your eyes.
  • ✦ALUMINUM ALLOY BODY✧ : The body case is made by Aluminum alloy and pre-treated by high-temperature oxidation. Aluminum alloy body provides more heat dissipation performance than other plastic led light on the market. Never worried about over-heating problem. If you prefer to keep turn on all day(If you plug in a power source🔌)or more than 10 mins(Like under cabinet lighting uses), Aluminum body is a MUST.
  • ❤TWO years WARRANTY To Cover Any hardware Issues. First Class best support for all customers. All emails would be replied in 24 hours, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.1500mAh High quality Rechargeable battery can bear 🔥high/low❄ temperature with official MSDS Certificate.

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2 Comments on LED Closet Light, Uniform Lighting Under Cabinet Light with Light Guide Panel, Ultra-Slim-Closet-Light with Motion Sensor. Fits Well in Wardrobe, Cupboard, Cabinet, Kitchen, Hallway, Anywhere Dark.

  1. Bright and lasts long. Really good cabinet lighting. Before I was use another type of cabinet light. But that can only use battery and it run out very fast and didn’t bright enough. After I use this new cabinet light, I would say I am very satisfied with this product. It use magnet to stick on the wall. So it is easy to put on. In the meantime it can be charged if it is out of battery. So I don’t need to purchase batteries again and again. The most important reason that I am satisfied with this product is because it…

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