KeyTiger Part Number – KT3001-600-25-03.

Each purchase comes as a PAIR of door pulls for inside and outside of a single door. For double doors, 2 pairs are required.

Dimensions: Total length – 600/23.62 (MM/INCHES) | Center-to-Center Mounting Distance Between Drilled Holes – 400/15.75 (MM/INCHES) | Diameter or Cross-section – 25/0.98 (MM/INCHES).

Door Type: Mountable on all types of doors including but not limited to glass and wooden doors. Mounting bolts provided for different door types for up to 2.5 inches door thickness.

Instructions: Please refer to the manufacturer’s website for detailed installation instruction (currently not provided in print with packaged product). Drill and create thruholes on door between 0.315 – 0.600 inches in diameter on the door with a Center-to-Center Mounting Distance as specified above. Note that this is the theoretical distance and the actual distance may vary slightly so always measure the parts in hand for the actual distance.

The KeyTiger door pulls do NOT LOCK and are usually used with deadbolts and/or roller, magnetic or ball catches.

For Single-Sided Version of this Back-to-Back Pull for Doors/Barn Doors/Towel Bars: Search for KT3001-600-25-03S.

Product Features

  • KeyTiger’s MODERN & Contemporary door handle/pull works for up to 2.5″ thick doors and is available in various lengths in inches/feet. Gap of 1.65″ between door and beginning of handle. Mountable to all types of doors including wood, glass, fiberglass, metal, and more; can be installed on interior and exterior front doors, shower doors, gates, wine cellars, sliding barn doors & more.
  • KeyTiger door handles/pulls do NOT lock and is typically used in conjunction with deadbolt hardware and/or door catches. Made from high-strength, high-endurance stainless steel 304 alloy material (for rust, corrosion and stain resistance, and rugged usage), which makes the products suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, under any weather condition.
  • Applications: Entry/Entrance door handle, wood or glass door pulls, interior/exterior front doors, shops, shower bathroom, kitchen cabinets, gate, wine cellars, barn sliding door knob from small to large/big.
  • Typical Finishes: Brushed Stainless Steel|Chrome Mirror-Polish|Antique Bronze & Copper|Matte Black-Painted|Satin-Nickel|Gold-Plated|Birch Wood
  • Product packaging with 1) KeyTiger(TM) label & 2) RED printing on box ensures product authenticity. NOTE: A single purchase (1 unit) of this product provides you with a pair (2 Sides) of handles for a back-to-back installation.

Detailed information available on our homepage…

3 Comments on Modern Contemporary 24 inches Round Bar Shape Ladder Stainless-Steel Door Handle Pull Shower Glass Barn Entry Exterior Interior Push Shop Gate Entrance Metal Sliding Mirror-Polished(Chrome Finish)

  1. Very good looking door pull Very nice handles, middle size bolt worked perfectly with my 1 3/4″ thick exterior slab door. Puzzled about the longer set of screws, I thought that I might have to use those, but they would NOT fit inside the handles as the head was bigger than the other 2 sets of bolts that came with the handles, but luckily I did not need them. For others, might be nice if the vendor could weigh in and explain those longer bolts.Otherwise the handles are really great looking and appear…

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