Motion sensor lights are temporary switches that turn lights on when movement is detected within a sensor’s field of view. The light will remain on for a set amount of time following any detected movement and will continue to stay on as movement occurs. Once a period of inactivity has occurred, the motion sensor switch will turn the lights off.
#1. Save Money and Reduce your Energy Consumption
#2. Smarter Crime Deterrence
#3. Arriving Home with Your Hands Full?
#4. Taking Out the Trash / Letting Pets Out at Night
#5. Lighting Difficult Areas
1.Please make sure that the batteries have been installed correctly. The light will not work or even be destroied, if the anode and cathode of battery are connected with the wrong direction.
2. when you change the battery, do not pull the plastic directly. Otherwise the plastic that holds the light in part will break off. You should Hold the plastic part and Rotate it in a clockwise direction, then open it and install battery,then close it.
3.Once stick it to ONE PLACE; you had better not remove to another place. Otherwise it will lose the stickiness and break off the plastic cover, The proper use of 3AAA alkaline batteries can keep that Light will last for a long time and prolong the lifetime of the batteries.

Sensitivity : 2 – 5 meter Distance
LED Qty: 6 LED
Light Color: Pure White
LED Life: 50,000 hours or more
Mounting: Tape or Magnet
Product Diameter: 8 cm/3.15 inches

Package includes:
6 x Motion Sensor LED Night Light
1 x 3M adhesive on the backside
1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • 🏠【UPGRADED LED BULBS】- Up to 20 Lumens, last up to 10,000 hours,simple to install, no hard-wiring,come with super-strong 3M double-sided adhesive pad. Automatically power off after 15-30 seconds of inactivity, lighting your path as you cross and shutting off soon after. Installing motion sensor lighting around your home or building is a great way to deter from crime and vandalization.
  • 💡【LOWERS ENERGY COSTS】- The most valued benefit of motion sensor lights are the savings on electricity. Motion sensors prevent lights from turning on in areas that do not in use them which will quickly add up to offset the price of the investment on power bills. With most motion detectors, the signal fans out from the sensor so that the distance farthest away from the sensor receives more coverage.
  • 🏡【BATTERY POWERED&BUILT IN MAGNET】- Powered by 3 x AAA batteries per motion sensor (batteries not included). Please use batteries that are qualified through the national testing authority are recommended. The cabinet light can be simply stuck on any metal surface. It’s widely used at hallway, under cabinet, closet, stair, nursery, bathroom and etc.
  • 💡【EASY INSTALLATION】- Simply use the super-strong 3M double-sided adhesive pads or stick to any metal surface with the built-in magnet. Works great indoor and outdoor, especially as a night light for stairs, steps, hallways, dark closets and cabinets. Motion sensor lighting helps you out when you come home carrying shopping bags or other items. You can have motion sensor lighting installed inside and outside the home to make life a little easier.
  • 🏩【100% AFTER-SALE SERVICE】- Nice product deserve better service, we promise each on of them 1-year warranty & a 6-month money back guarantee & 7/24 online customer service. If you have any issue with your motion sensor light, feel free to contact us. Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

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3 Comments on Motion Sensor Light, Iextreme Battery-Powered LED Night Light Step Lights Stair Closet Light Under-Cabinet Lighting Stick Anywhere Lamp Tap Light for Hallway, Cabinet, Closet, Stairs, Bathroom, 6PACK

  1. Great for Additional Lighting I installed these up in our pantry, which needed additional illumination. I stuck them on the underside of the shelves with the supplied spongy adhesive discs and now when we open the pantry door, they come on! Although they seem to be cheaply made, they work and that’s all I care about. The motion detection works well and the lights go out approximately 20 seconds after the last motion was detected. I ended up buying an additional set of these for other applications. As long as they hold…

  2. great motion lights These are wonderful motion lights. They’re not super super bright but they do project enough white light to see the area. I installed all of the puck lights inside my home. Although, I thought one of the light pucks was malfunctioning at first because it wasn’t sensing motion and the light was not coming on but found out it was because the room had enough illumination from the table lamps. Only when I turned off the lamps and the room was dark did the puck light started to work. Easy to…

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