Upgrade your current hangers to quality metal ones

It’s time to throw out the old plastic and wire hangers in your closet or wardrobe and upgrade to our top quality, metal hangers which will hang your clothes perfectly. Good clothes need to be hung correctly, our hangers hold their shape, they don’t buckle under the weight of heavy jackets and will keep your clothes looking smart. Sold in packs of 30 and 60 so there are more than enough for your needs.

Space saving

We understand that space can be an issue, especially if you love clothes! Our hangers are just 4mm in diameter meaning they take up less space than chunky plastic alternatives. Change up your hangers for ours and you will have more room in your closet! They are exceptionally handy to take on vacation or business trips as they are lightweight and perfect size for packing in a suitcase.

BUY NOW and receive a pack of 30, top quality, metal clothes hangers

Product Features

  • REAL HEAVY DUTY METAL – these are 5mm diameter and is designed for commercial use like hotels synagogue’s or any public place where you want the hangers to last a lifetime and shouldn’t disappear on you
  • ANTI THEFT – they’re being locked in the rod and can’t be removed
  • SUPPORTS 200lb – special designed they should be able to hold super heavy coats and other stuff up to 200 lbs
  • SIZE – 17inch in length and 5mm in diameter

Detailed information available on our homepage…

3 Comments on Quality Hangers 30 Extra Heavy Duty Anti Theft Security Metal Coat Hanger Suit Hangers with Polished Chrome, Supports 200LB, Closed Loop Coat Hangers (30)

  1. First I am NOT using these as clothing hangers so … These hangers are great, much better than I had expected them to be! I looked at all the ‘popular ones’ and am so glad that I ordered 30 of these hangers instead.I’m a guy who hates stuff that doesn’t feel right in his hands. These hangers are heavy duty and feel solid without flexing or wobbling. They smoothly slide in one sleeve, then the other and bang, the shirt is on the rod. At a width of 17.5 ” these hangers support my shirts and fleece tops the full width without a…

  2. First I am NOT using these as clothing hangers so my review is not geared towards that and needs to be accounted for accordingly.I purchased these to use in my home shop paint booth. I spray cabinet doors, plaques, and other objects hanging them with cup hooks and needed strong hangers to hold them. So far these seem to work very well, they are not as heavy duty as I hoped but since they come in a pack of 30 I zip tied two together and that made them strong enough for even pantry…

  3. I wanted to “upgrade” my hangers to Chrome, but they are quite expensive at the local organizer stores! I decided to check online and came across these. The great reviews did not disappoint. They are high quality, heavy duty hangers that are as good if not better what I could have purchased at the big brand stores. And they make a huge difference — not only do they look sharp, they are less bulky than plastic making them a space saver too!I ordered a few different times…

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