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Cabinet Locks Child Safety Latches -12 Pack Baby Proofing Cabinets Drawer Lock For Locking Drawers, Kitchen Cabinets, Childproof Cabinet Locks

About the Baby Proofing Cabinet Locks
This safe cabinet lock is designed to keep potential dangers away from babies and
toddlers while allowing adults to get easy access to stuff inside. With this product,
you can let your curious babies discover the house freely without any danger.
Child Proof Cabinet Lock can be installed almost anywhere! – in the bathroom,
kitchen, under the sink, on drawers, laundry room cabinet doors, etc
It’s the security for your lovely angels and the ease for yourselves.

1.Easy to install, no drill or tools (two ways install)
-Use Stronger 3M, no tools, no drill, no holes.
-Use stainless steel screws fixed for durable protection
2.Fit a variety of furniture : just have to have a solid place to put the latch and the catch mechanism
3.Invisible design and visible safety : They are a much more elegant solution.
They’re better than exterior locks because they’re practically invisible. And they
are pretty much impossible for a child to open, unlike other latch-type locks.

4.Upgraded version,stronger and safer
5.12 Pack work on Cabinets and drawers
6.Baby Proofing Cabinet Lock’s innovative design makes it the best childproofing cabinet lock available anywhere!

1. Make sure the sticking surface is clean and dry before installing.
2. Stick and hold the units for a few seconds when you install the cabinet locks.
3. Better to wait 12 hours to use the locks after installing.
4. When the temperature is low, you can use a hair dryer to heat the adhesive pads so that they will stick more firmly.
5. If you want to remove the latches, you can heat them with a hair dryer for about one minute; then they will come off easily!

Product Features

  • 【UPGRADED VERSION CABINET LOCKS CHILD SAFETY】Our Newest child safety cabinet locks come with free buckles, you are free to apply this safety lock on cabinets with or without inside edge.Can switch unlock latch(latch up), which Very convenient and effectively protect our child’s safety
  • 【3M DURABLE ADHESIVE】This child safety latches / cabinet locks are very easy installation.No drills, tools, measuring, or leveling required! With 3M adhesive that is strong enough to bear 25kg,The child safety latches offering unprecedented security for your kids. And as no drill is needed, your furniture is left undamaged when it’s time to remove them.
  • 【KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE 】The child safety cabinet locks is to keep your curious little kids away from drawers and cupboards filled with dangerous tools or chemicals with simple, allowing you to have peace of mind while your children explore your home.you can use free buckles when your kids not in home,needn’t remove ,the drawer opens as easily as no lock.
  • 【WORKS FOR ALL CABINETS】The cabinet locks Fit for lockers, wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, TV cabinets and various drawers .Supplied with catch and latch, Child safety latches can do that any cabinet can be made kids safe.
  • 【INVISIBLE DESIGN SAFETY and BEAUTY】Hidden child safety cabinet locking system keeps your kitchen and bathroom looking beautiful while maintaining a safety for your children.

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Hafele Oval Closet Rod Flange – w/Rear Facing Pins- 15 mm x 30mm – Chrome Finish (Pack of 6)

Hafele’s oval closet rod end supports are very durable, made of die-cast zinc with a chrome finish. For insertion in 32 mm (1 1/4″) system holes, with attached dowels and an additional screw hole. The size of each oval closet rod flange is 15mm x 30 mm, they are supplied with mounting screws, come ready for installation and are available in 6, 8, 10 and 12 pcs.

Product Features

  • Wardrobe tube end supports with attached dowels and an additional screw hole
  • For insertion in 1 1/4″ (32 mm) system holes
  • With a chrome finish
  • Very durable made of die-cast zinc
  • Supplied with mounting screws

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uBoxes Wardrobe Moving Boxes, 24 x 24 x 34 inch, 3 Pack, Tall Boxes, with Bars

When moving to a new place, one of the more difficult things to maneuver are the closets full of clothes. You hope that by piling it into your car in an orderly fashion may help but it ends up being more work after the car ride back where it has all slid to the car floor in a wrinkled, tangled mess. Fortunately there’s a solution for that with wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes allow you to move your closet in an organized manner to your new home. You won’t have to worry about wrinkled clothing again during a move. This makes wardrobe boxes essential during your move for a faster and easy move with a lot less stress.

Product Features

  • Shorty Space Saving Wardrobe Moving Boxes Bundle of 3
  • Shorty Wardrobe Moving Boxes: 20″ x 20″ x 34″ + with 3 bars
  • The boxes are great for packing or storing all of your hanging clothes.
  • Our Heavy Duty Wardrobe boxes will protect your clothes while they are stored during your move
  • Don’t forget your extra moving supplies like tape and markers with uBoxes.

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