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Closet Light Motion Activated – BLISS T02 LED Under Cabinet Lighting Wireless, Indoor Motion Sensor Light Magnetic, Under the Counter Lights Battery Powered with 5 Super Bright Cool White LEDs

Have you ever been bothered by the dark closet? This highly personalized LED light is created for your better life!
This battery operated motion sensor light is also great for a cheerful atmosphere even in a blackout!

1. For maximum service life, please note if the light sensor (please refer to the 3rd picture in the listing) detects enough light (Ambient light>5 lux), it WON’T light up in AUTO mode even when there is the movement of human body;
2. Please check if the batteries are placed in wrong direction or if they are dead when the light can’t work;
3. PIR sensor range 80 and Color Temperature is 6000~7000K.

1. To activate the PIR sensor, switch to “AUTO” (the left switch), then the light will light up automatically and stay on about 18 Seconds after walking out of its sensing range.
2. Revolve the PIR sensor part towards walkers’ incoming direction.
3. Revolve the luminous zone of lamp to face the area which needs to be lighted.

Additional Remarks:
1. Brand-new 3 AA batteries ( not included) for this light can Continuously serve 14 hours or more; if it’s activated 10 times a day and 18 seconds every time, the batteries can work 2 years or more.
2. Please don’t use it in humidity as it isn’t tested by professional water-proof test.
3. You are advised to use alkaline batteries of good brand or high-capacity rechargeable batteries.
4. Please don’t put the 2 pcs too close for maximizing the sensitivity when using them at the same time.

Package Includes:
1 x light, 1 x 3M sticker, 4 x screw, 2 x anchor, 1 x user manual

Product Features

  • ✔ Easy Installation: Stick the strong 3M tape on to the magnetic base (360° rotatable) then attach the base onto solid surface; Adsorb the magnetic base on metal surface directly; or Install it with the screws (included).
  • ✔ Convenient Operation: There are 3 models ON/OFF/AUTO. To activate the PIR sensor, just switch to “Auto” (the left switch), then the light will light up automatically (sensor range is 3 meters) and stay on 18 seconds after you walk out of its sensing range. Sensor detection angle is100°.
  • ✔ Safe & Power Saving: The working voltage of this under cabinet lighting is DC 4.5V and powerful 50 lumens LED Lights offer perfect amount of light at night or in dark place. The brand-new 3 AA batteries ( not included) can serve 2 years or more if the Light is activated 10 times a day and 18 seconds every time.
  • ✔ Suitable for closets, cabinet, garage, doorway, balcony, corridor, stair, basement, garage, baby room and other places.
  • ✔ Best After-sale Service: 1-Year Replacement Warranty and Lifetime Support Guarantee! Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

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Motion Sensor Rechargeable 10 Bright LED Night Light Bar with USB Cable, SATU BROWN Stick-on Anywhere 3 Modes Portable Lamp with Magnetic Strip for Under Cabinet Closet Cupboard Porch Wardrobe

Product Description:
This Satu Brown USB Motion Sensor & Normal Mode LED Light is designed with infrared induction.
can detect the motion of human within 5 meters and lights up automatically; goes off after 15 S if no
motion detected. It contains 10 LEDs which are bright enough to illuminate cupboard, porch,
bathroom, wardrobe etc. There is a magnetic strip on sticky tape which you can just peel it off to stick
wherever you want.

Product Features:
Infrared Induction Motion Sensor
USB Rechargeable
Easy &Handy to use
10 Super-Bright LED
Light Sensitive

1)Peel off the tape on the back of the magnetic strip, and stick it anywhere you want.
2)Put the light on the magnetic strip.
3)USB (included) charged, when being charged, the charging indicator is red, in 2 hours it becomes blue when fully charged.
4)The light has 2 modes: steady on/off by moving the button; Auto mode
5)When auto mode is chosen, It lights up automatically when detects human’s motion within 5 meters;
goes off after 15 seconds if no motion is detected 6)This smart light will not turn on if it detects enough lighting around it so that it can save energy in auto mode.

Package Content:
1* Motion Sensor Light
1* Sticky magnetic Strip
1* USB Cable
1* Instruction

Contact us:
For all inquiries, please email our customer service and we will give you professional reply within 24 hours!

Product Features

  • Auto Sensor or Normal mode: Designed with infrared induction to detect the motion of human within 5 meters and auto on; goes off after 15 S if no motion detected. Can be used as a torch in normal mode. Auto mode only works in dark conditions!
  • 10 Super-Bright LED: Built in 10 ultra bright LEDs to light up any dark corner, such as cupboard wardrobe closet stairs.etc
  • USB Rechargeable: Easy to charge with a USB cable (included), Constant lighting up to 4.5 hours with 2 hour’s charging. Red indicator-charging/Blue indicator-Charged fully
  • Easy &Handy to use: Peel off the tape on the back of the magnetic strip, and stick it anywhere you want, and put the light bar on the magnetic holder which also allows you to pull it off to charge
  • Decent & Shinning appearance: Made from high quality aluminum alloy metal, not only look nice at your home, but also very sturdy, durable; Lifetime warranty for customers

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LED Motion Sensor Light Bar 9 LED Light Wall Mount or Surface Mount Closet Under Cabinet Light Step Light Vanity Bedroom Bathroom Hallway Stairway

These night lights offer a continuous glow for added safety, security, and convenience when dark. All you have to do is mount bracket to wall or surface, set the light bar to the direction of your choice, and turn on! Now you can navigate through the dark with ease!

The 9 LED light bar will automatically turn on when you are within 3 meters and will stay on for 20 seconds after you walk out of sensing range. It works using passive infrared technology that senses human motion by the body’s radiant heat without switch or sound control.

The light bar only turns on when placed in darkness and sensing motion. The mounting bracket allows you to adjust the beams direction to modify motion sensor sensitivity. The stylish and modern light bar and bracket design is perfect for any size room and can easily be mounted into most walls and surfaces.

The LED light adds ambient lighting to any space within 3 meters! This is ideal lighting for a closet, cabinet, stairway, hallway, bedroom, bathroom, vanity, door, over gallery paintings, and more. These lights are easy on your eyes and create soft encompassing lighting to guide your motion.

These lights are a great addition to any space but should not be used as a main source of lighting and should not be used where a bright light is needed for safety as in a kitchen or outdoor pathway. Indoor use is the preferred method of use for this light bar.

Light bar does not light up during the day. They never need bulb replacement and do not require any type of wiring. So what are you waiting for; start lighting up your nights! The mounting bracket and hardware are included. Functions ONLY in darkness.

They are powered by 3 X AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) and measure approximately 10″ x 1.”

Product Features

  • AUTOMATIC SENSING – Automatically senses human motion within 3 metres and turns off 20 seconds after you walk away from sensing range
  • 9 LED LIGHT BAR -Wall mount or surface mount 9 LED motion sensor Light bar
  • ENERGY-SAVING LED LIGHTING – Long time working time
  • EASY TO USE: 3*AA batteries power supply(not included), which is touchable and safe to children. You can detach the lamp body as a portable emergency lighting!
  • FUNCTION: As a wall lamp, night light, flashlight, reading light, emergency light, repair light, camping light, mirror light. Perfect for anywhere, such as kids room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, basement, hallway, entryway, laundry room, stairwell, etc.

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