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U-WARDROBE Wall-Mounted Natural Wood Ladder Flower Plant Pot Stand Rack Wall Shelves Display Shelves Dark Brown

Product Features

  • Ready to use: Once this beautiful shelf arrives at your doorstep, you simply install it in an empty wall space and the installation hardware is included in the package for your convenience.
  • Farmhouse style: Everyone needs a hook to hang things, so everything is easy to find and reach, but these hooks come with a shelf that adds a rustic or retro temptation to the design and makes it more suitable for everyday use.
  • FEATURES: The shelves have an antique look and solid wood finish, compact but spacious enough to hold your everyday items. You can immediately add style and style to your intimate space and keep everything in order.
  • The ladder on the shelf is like a small room for daily incoming or outgoing mail. With this design, you can easily track catalogs, brochures, letters and bills, and the top is perfect for showing photos or decorations.
  • Unique staircase design, all handmade woodwork, three metal hooks at the bottom

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50pcs Natural Cedar Wood Moth Protection Cedar Balls Moth Repellent Clothes Bedding Blankets Storage Closet Drawer Mildew Mold Prevention

Aromatic Cedar Anti Moth Balls Red Cedar Wood Balls 100% Natural Repellent for Closets & Drawers.Size:2.5 x 2.5 cm.

Experts in clothing storage:
Taking care of clothing is a chore, so we want to make it easier. The best things we can do for our clothing is to clean
it and store it well.That way, clothing lasts longer.
Cedar Moth Balls is a warm and powerful cedar that repels moths, mildew, mustiness and enhances freshness.
Red cedar has outstanding effectiveness arises from the aromatic oils in the wood. Revitalize and boost your cedar product
and scent and effectiveness by lightly sanding its surface to expose new fibers.

Chemical Free:
Unlike chemical moth balls or moth ball equivalents, Eastern red cedar is natural and safe for your home and family.
Its scent and pest-control properties come from its natural aromatic oils, so you can be sure that you get effective
protection without harmful side effects and byproducts.

Long Lasting and Renewable:
Cedar wood can be refreshed and restored, so its fresh scent and pest-repelling can go on and on.
To refresh the wood, sand it to expose fresh fibers. These fresh fibers have that all-important oil that makes cedar so powerful.

Package included:
1 x 50 pcs cedar balls

Product Features

  • ★100% Natural red cedar wood balls: Cedar Wood Balls [50 pack] safely and naturally repel pests, moths, bugs, insects, eliminate odors, good mildew and mustiness absorbent. No need to use naphthalene hazardous moth balls in your closets, armoires, chests, trunks, suitcases, shelf storage and anywhere clothing and shoes are stored. Best deterrent from laying eggs on seasonally stored clothes hanging in your wardrobe during off-season.
  • ★Eco-friendly and chemical free: 100% natural & safe aromatic red cedar harvested from renewable forests (environmentally friendly). Long lasting and renewable effect: To refresh the aroma scent and restore the pest-repelling power effect.
  • ★Multi-use: These cedar moth balls can be used anywhere that needs to keep the moths pest away or protects against mildew and mustiness to enhance your drawers,closet,armoires,trunks,suitcase,luggage,car and shoes storage freshness.
  • ★How is works: Cedar balls absorb moisture and humidity to prevent mildew and odor,Natural aromatic oils in the cedar repels pests like moths and other insects – Safe alternative to chemicals.
  • ★Please kindly note: It is made of Natural Red Cedar with ORIGINAL SMELL which is LIGHT and LASTING (You may only smell the fragrance when put them under your nose but it does not influence the effect)

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Hathaway Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet – Solid Poplar with Dark Cherry Finish, Sisal Fiber for Steel Tip Darts

Add authentic pub style to your game room, rec room, or man cave with the Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet. This furniture-grade cabinet is crafted from solid poplar with a rich dark cherry finish. Green velour backing protects your cabinet and adjoining wall from stray shots.
Regulation-sized and self-healing, the Centerpoint’s 18-in sisal bristle dartboard is great for tournaments or casual competitions. Includes everything required for a regulation darts game. All you need to do is mount the dartboard cabinet and play!
180-day limited warranty.
; Constructed of 1/2-in thick poplar hardwood
; Regulation, 18-in sisal fiber bristle dartboard
; Rotatable number ring for even board wear
; Dual dry erase scoreboards and dart holders on the inside of each door
; Stainless steel cabinet hinges
; Backboard is lined in high-quality, green, velour fabric
; Cabinet dimensions: 25.5-in H x 22-in W x 3.75-in D
; 180-day limited warranty

Product Features

  • SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION – This handsome cabinet is expertly crafted from solid poplar hardwood. A rich, dark cherry finish completes the look, providing a perfect complement to your game room, rec room, or man cave.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST – Featuring a regulation, 18-in sisal fiber board that heals quickly and minimizes bounce-outs, this set will provide your family and friends with hours of fun. The rotatable number ring ensures that your board will wear evenly.Dark Cherr
  • REGULATION ACCESSORIES INCLUDED – Includes two sets of steel tipped darts with durable nylon dart flights (2 sets of 3). Keep track of the fun with two dry erase scoreboards that are mounted on the inside of each door.
  • DIMENSIONS – Cabinet dimensions: 25.5-in H x 22-in W x 3.75-in D
  • 180-DAY WARRANTY – Your dartboard cabinet comes with a 180-day manufacturer warranty. We promise that it will arrive damage free with all necessary parts and accessories. Otherwise, we’ll send replacement parts or an entirely new unit to you at no cost.

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